Here at Cairns Monumental you deal directly with the creators. How do we know when we have done a great job?
These are just a few of the comments made by happy families...
confirming, we set the standards for others to follow!
Updated 22. 12. 2015
Good afternoon Andy,
My apologies in the delay in sending this email – I was planning on calling you earlier today, however the time has gotten away from me! I just wanted to write to share my sincere gratitude with you and the entire team at Cairns Monumental for the amazing work you all have put in to creating a memorial that is truly unique for my brother Jared. As we expressed to you from the outset, Jared was a one-of-a-kind character. In designing a tribute for him we knew that a standard approach would never do. You were genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about our brief, and provided insight and guidance at a time when we needed it the most. The resulting bench seat is beautiful and is unlike anything else within the Cemetery, and yet it fits so well in that setting. It provides a place to sit for quiet reflection (or a sneaky beer – because that’s what Jared would love). And most importantly, its very presence gives more comfort that I can express. To say that you are good at your job is an understatement. Your enthusiasm, vision, passion, and compassion have been appreciated every single step of the way. I could not recommend the services of you and your team highly enough and would be more than happy to provide a testimonial should it be of value to you. Without sounding completely morbid, I am off to have my lunch with Jared – it is such a beautiful day here on the Tablelands, and it seems like the perfect spot to perch in the sunshine. I feel better for being able to spend the time there with him. Kind Regards, Carah Taylor
. . . . .
Dear Andy & Steve,
Thank you so much. It truly is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. I'm sure my Mum, siblings and families will love it. I must say, you and your team do a fantastic job and I'm sure you have a lot of grateful and happy customers. I am definitely one of them. May you and your team have a Safe and Happy Festive season and may you prosper in the New Year. Kind regards Yvonne Coghlan
. . . . .
Hi Andy & Steve,
Belated Merry Christmas to you both. Also, just want to say THANK YOU for your support, kindness and friendship throughout the last 8 and a half months. From the very first point of contact on the 16/04/13, you’ve continuously been so supportive and kind to us, we’re so glad we chose to work with Cairns Monumental. All was perfect, we received the head stone and brought it out to the country. We are now working towards Tristan’s 1st year anniversary where we will mount the Headstone and do the unveiling on the 1st of March 2014. As mentioned, we will send you pictures once headstone is mounted.
Regards Rhonda & Taunao Papua New Guinea
. . . . .
Hi Andy,
Hope you are well. Everything went very well on Saturday, I've attached some photos for you. It is more beautiful than I imagined. Thank you so much to both you and Steve for your great work over the last few years. Cheers, Kiyana and Eccles
. . . . .
Dear Andy,
Just wanted to let you know Mum’s Plaque was installed in time for her Birthday yesterday. It looks beautiful and I have received lovely comments from family and friends. My Dad kept touching it and saying it is such a beautiful piece. Thank you again for your professional service and friendly, compassionate manner. Kind Regards, Jen Beattie
. . . . .
Hi Andy
Well it had rained all morning BUT we still went ahead with the opening!!!! As long as we had done the blessing of the stone everything was ok. We had the feasting at the Cairns Showground and once inside the big hall, everything was fine. Everyone had made very good comments about the stone, they all said that it was very beautiful, thank you. I would just like to say "THANK YOU"
Mrs Deborah Lui
. . . . .
Hi Andy,
Thank you for all your effort and patience to organise for us to finally have two beautiful and perfect plaques in place for our parents.
Kind regards, Ann Thompson
. . . . .
Thanks Andy for the good work on our Grandparent’s grave site refurbishment. The refurbishment work is exactly what myself and my brothers and sister were looking for. A hearty thanks to you and your firms staff in assisting us and for your attention to detail - particularly as we here in Brisbane - I was thinking that I would have to travel to Cairns to arrange the refurbishment work as we now longer have close relatives in Cairns who could have assisted. Thank you again. MICHAEL AND KAY KELLY
. . . . .
Hi Andy, We went out to the cemetery late afternoon and were delighted to see the headstone in place. It looks perfect so thanks to both of you once again - I'm really thrilled that you managed to get it done before we left. Kind regards Angela & Bill Taylor
ps We both love Cairns so hope to be back someday!
. . . . .
Hi Andy, How are you?
So sorry for the long delay. Find attached 4 pics of Tristan’s Headstone. Most of our families back in Port Moresby have lovely pictures taken on the day. I still have to collect from everyone. Everything went great. We arrived in the village a week prior to the unveiling on the 29th Feb as we needed to build a shelter and fence in the grave. We painted the fencing with a paint color also called Tristan. Everyone in the village were in awe, Tristan’s headstone was beautifully made - first of its kind. Tau and I were and are so happy that we finally erected not just his headstone but also a very beautiful headstone that really paid tribute to his short but memorable life. We certainly couldn’t have done it without the tireless support and effort from Cairns Monumental. P.S. – I would like to send some pics to you as soon as I get them from relatives and if you can put on your website
Thank you so much Andy & team. God bless you all always! Rhonda Kopman, PNG
. . . . .
Hi Andy, Thanks so much -it looks wonderful! Thanks also for the photos. I shall show Mum and Dad what you have done. They'll be thrilled. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. We'll be in touch if we want to get it done again. All the best to you. Jennie McWilliam
. . . . .
Hi Andy,
Just letting you know that the Cooktown Family Reunion weekend went well and everyone had a great time. I will send you a photo or two when they are sorted out. Thanks again for an excellent job and for getting the plaque on time.
Regards Stuart Lees
. . . . .
Hi Andy.
My family and I have been to Geordie’s grave and were so pleased with his headstone. Thank you and Steve very much for this beautiful tribute. It is actually bigger than I had imagined. All beautiful, though especially pleased with how the thistles turned out. Thank you for the fantastic service you provided. Regards, Sandra Burcombe
. . . . .
Hi Andy
Yes, it looks even better than I imagined, I thought the bronze piece was going to be smaller, so very happy with the final product and yes it will look even better with the stones. :) Thank you so much for all you have done for us.
Kind Regards Anne Verevis
. . . . .
Hi Andy,
Just emailed the family pics of the plaque and we are all so happy with it . Mum absolutely loves it .... Thank you again.
All the best Roz :)
. . . . .
Good morning Andy,
I’m just wanting to send you some photos of my Mum’s unveiling. The unveiling was superb, and the stone is magnificent, and exactly what we wanted. It is definitely one of its kind…… On behalf of myself and my family I would like to sincerely thank you and everyone at Cairns Monumental.
Kind regards Emma Schuh
. . . . .
Dear Andy and Steve....
When there's a decision to have a memorial plaque, your enterprise - fairly
new to Cairns, I think - can provide knowledge and expertise. The initiative of Andy's to speak with clients directly is of
great importance; the customer feels more confident! My daughter, Laura Jane was residing in Cairns these past 20 years,
but her three children were born in Darwin where I have lived since January 1976. Her first son feels acutely the sudden death of his mother: his idea of an appropriate tribute to her is clearly shown in his selection of the format of the memorial plaque. I myself am
quite moved by the result.... To you, Andy, my sincere thanks for your personal response to my queries; it has all been by phone between Darwin and Cairns, but I'm glad my son and I met with you. Thank you again, Andy. I wish you the best in life.
Your sincerely Kathleen Elliott
. . . . .
Hi Andy,
On behalf of myself and the Mungkan Families I thank you for helping to fulfil another paragraph in the lives of some special people to me. We celebrated what I called Special Projects (house, old machinery, pest/cattle management workshops, cemetery and plaque)at Rokeby which the plaque from Cairns Monumental was the icing on the cake, I cannot express the words that the families have in their hearts as they read the plaques every time they visit the cemetery. I wish to thank you and Steve for your hard work and valued advice for a special item. Thanking you kindly PS Victor Lawrence is a key Elder for Rokeby area but is frail and his health is failing him, as his Father is at rest many many years ago in the Rokeby Cemetery he also has said that he too wants to be at home when his day comes. So it is with bride of place that I will tell his families that if they need a plaque, Cairns Monumental is the only place they should go to.
Eric Wason | Senior Project Officer
Cape York Peninsula Tenure Resolution| Corporate & Client Services
. . . . .
Hi Andy and Steve, thank you very much for the photo.
The monument you helped me design looks really awesome and i know Mum would be very proud of what we have made for her! That little Kookaburra looks so beautiful perched there and i love the colours .......just perfect! Well done on the design and the artwork! Want you to know that I am really, really happy with your work and your Company.
I will not hesitate to recommend you and Steve and Cairns Monumental very highly to everyone i know.
Wishing you and your business well in the future. Thank you times 10 for everything you have done for me re this monument. I will miss your little emails each week now Andy. Take good, good care.
Warm regards Marina
. . . . .
Hi Andy,
How are you and how was your holiday? I have been meaning to call or drop you an email to say thank you very much for the job you all did on Dad’s plaque. We are so happy with the end result and it was also done on the day of his birthday which made it all the more special. I will be highly recommending you guys to anyone whom asks. Design and detail very professional. Once again, thank you from both Diane and myself. Kind Regards Helen Fantoni
. . . . .
Hi Andy,
I’ve been meaning to get in contact with both you and Steve for a while now, but time just seem to get away. First of all…Enjoy you holidays!!! Now for an belated update on how my mother’s Tombstone unveiling went!!! We were all overwhelmed and proud of our Mum’s beautiful headstone… seeing pictures of the progress on the computer was no comparison to seeing in the real…WOW!!!! Thank you for working with us in the professional manner that you did in designing this beautiful monument which everyone was happy with and extremely proud of. To say the least…..It was absolutely PERFECT in every sense of the word!!!! Very fitting for someone as dear and as special as “our Mum”. I might also add, that at the present time there is no other Tombstone like hers in the T.I. Cemetery!! But, of course, time will tell, given that there were heaps of people present at the opening plus, mum gravesite is situated in a position where it is very easily seen by people driving by. The tourist coach drives by it as well, so lots of people get to see it. I thought it was a great idea to put your details of the back of the Tombstone. We will be highly recommending you to the community. Everything went off like a dream…The construction of the headstone, the actual opening and the feasting. Sorry I haven’t got a photo on my computer to send you but I will send you one in the near future.
Once again “Thank You” Warm Regards, Choppy and the Ah Mat family
. . . . .
God Bless you Andy- it's looks marvellous.
Thank you for all your advice, help and kindness with this project. It was very much appreciated.
Warm regards, Alana.
. . . . .
Thanks Andy! They look great!
I've now transferred the balance to your account. Thanks also for the speedy and pleasant service.
Cheers Penny and Mick
. . . . .
Thank you both so much Andy, my parents’ headstone is beautiful!
We are very pleased with how it has been done - everything blends in so well, the plaque and cross with the lettering look just right against the colours of the granite.
Kind regards......Barbara Bufi
. . . . .
Hi Andy,
Thankyou very much for all your care and attention with us and the headstones. Headstones are beautiful, individual and exactly catches what we wanted. Ellecia was able to talk to mummy because there was something she could talk to, she really likes the butterflies, it is something she identifies with, with her mum and sissy. The whole family love the design of the headstones.
Thankyou Alanna Rosendahl
. . . . .
Thanks Andy -
just went and had a look at the tombstone - its wonderful thank you so much Greg would be so pleased - as I am sure the rest of the family will be to.
Cheers Margaret Bluett
. . . . .
Hi Andy,
Went and had a look at mum’s grave (Joan Carson) last week. I am very happy with the memorial plaque. Thanks very much.
Kind regards Cynthia Carson
. . . . .
HI Andy
Merry Christmas to you also and I just wanted to say a massive thank you in getting the plaque sorted out and made up so fast, your sincerity, compassion and just nice calming voice was lovely...it looks great and his Mum absolutely loves it, and she is there frequently now ha. Hope I don't have to deal with you again (ha you know what I mean). Kind Regards Brooke
. . . . .
In May 2010 my family and I visited the company and met Andy.
Placed an order for Mum's Headstone to be held in Dec 2010. The service we recieved was professional
and friendly. I recieved Mums' Headstone, at my doorstep in less than six months..
Regards Regina Turner
. . . . .
Hi Andy, On behalf on our family I wish to say mina kai ESSO means Big Thank U and your business associates for the kindness and generosity in making things possible especially our mothers Tombstone. Wish you’s well in your business and be prosperous.
Cheers, Lily Annie Ahmat
. . . . .
Thank you Andy.
Thanks for you seamless work ethic and prompt responces. You made a difficult task a joy.
Kindest regards Cheryl
. . . . .
Hi Andy,
Recently my older brother took our Mum, aged 87, to see the finished product on her father’s grave.
She told me that “it is lovely” Thanks again for doing such a great job, please pass our thanks on to your staff members.
Regards, Ted Radford
. . . . .
Hi Andy, got back yesterday and wanted to say a big THANK YOU from my family back home
they loved it, it actually brought tears to his Antons wife.
Also Thankyou from Cyn and Myself...You take care.
Please thank your partner also.. S&C Bubner..
. . . . .
As it was the last thing I could do for my Dad, I wanted a plaque that was special and told his story.
They were VERY patient and worked with me,
ordering special and new details to achieve a beautiful bronze plaque for the lawn cemetery grave. I recommend [and thank] the members of this company.
Regards Helen Fox
. . . . .
Hi, Thanks for letting us know.
Alls fine mum & I will go to cemetry Fri & have a look.
Thanks for Making a hard job an easy one for us & for being pleasant people...
. . . . .
Dear Andy and the Cairns Monumental Team,
I am so pleased with the outcome of the headstone, I dont know how else to say this but THANKYOU with all my heart.
Seeing this reminds me of how beautiful my dad was and makes me treasure the memories even more.
Please let the carver know that my family and I would also like to thank him for the amazing and beautiful work that he has done.
Thankyou so so so much.
Kind regards, Christina
. . . . .
To the Hard Working Team at Cairns Monumental.
Your commitment, dedication and guaranteed delivery,
on time, for the tombstone of the Late Leo Patrick Ketchell for its unveiling in September 2011 at no additional costs
to my partner and I was... "a real peace of mind". The dialogue was great, the face-to-face meeting and the allowance
to view your office and workshop was unbelievable, it is well set up and professionally and honestly managed and coordinated
with experienced staff and artists, the teams professionalism approach and prompt response to any questions we as customers
may have, is excellent. The timing to apply remedy "action" at short notices and any other enquires, we as customers may have,
is dealt with confidently, this is a real peace of mind to us... The tombstone looks magnificent and the unveiling went really well!
Families that attended the unveiling commented on how good the headstone looked with the designs and its artwork..."TOO DEADLY"
I recommend families in the Torres Strait and NPA region to check you guys out in Anderson Street, Cairns
because you really gave my partner and I a "real peace of mind".
Regards Seriako Stephen
. . . . .
Mr Andy Brench and his company recently prepared and installed a double headstone for my parents in law.
Throughout the process Mr Brench was very helpful,patient and provided excellent advice.
When the headstone was installed it was excellent. The artwork and workmanship were impressive.
I believe this companies fees are very competetive....
Michael O'Grady
. . . . .
Thank you very much for your understanding and willingness to work with me for the best result.
I am very happy with the plaque, especially the beautiful ceramic picture
which you prepared from a fairly inferior quality photo.
I couldn’t be happier with this memorial to my loved aunt and uncle.
Kind regards Viv Taylor
. . . . .
Good morning once again! Wow....what can I say....I love it,
and I'm sure when i show Michael he will love it too.
You guys have just gone above and beyond and made the impossible possible.
I will be sure to spread your good works to all my family and then some. . Thank you, thank you, thank you.
God bless. Olive
. . . . .
Andy, The completed grave looks very nice and a very big thanks to you and your craftsmen.
Best regards Rinaldo and Geoffrey
. . . . .
Thank you so much for everything.
You have always been so kind and understanding and have helped make this emotional time
far easier to deal with.I will make sure I come and introduce myself and thank you personally when I can.
Many thanks again. Danielle Connelly
. . . . .
We just wanted to say thank you so much for your patience and help during this time.
We very much appreciate all your hard work, phone calls and we so love the
headstone, and know thar Dad would have liked it too. Thank you again...Natasha Puddle
. . . . .
Thank you very much for the work you and your company has done
to rejuvenate my late Mum's grave and headstone, it is much appreciated. Trevor Emmitt
. . . . .
..The Tombstone opening went really well... there was alot of pics taken by other family members.
I can tell you that my parents headstones really look unique up home...
especially with the designs.. so a THUMBS UP to Cairns Monumental. Once again thank you heaps,
it's been a pleasure working with you preparing the stones.. you've done an amazing job getting
everything done for me...Alick Tipoti
. . . . .
I had been widowed for approximately 7 months, when I went looking for a Monumental Business,
one who could have a plaque made for my late husband, who was a very special person to so many.
I went to every business here in Cairns. What decided me was, the warm welcoming I got when I met Andy.
He treated me in a very sensitive way,was a good listener & respected my ideas of my vision for the plaque.
He made that vision,become reality. Customer Service is high on Andys work ethics, & other points to note:
Andy is a warm ,caring & friendly man who I feel ,is in the correct profession,& very good at it.
I tell everyone who wants to listen,of my rare wonderful experience.
Mrs Delia Merlo, Forest Gardens, Cairns.28/05/2011.
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